قالب وردپرسافزونه وردپرسقالب فروشگاهی وردپرسقالب وردپرسقالب صحیفه

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I have always told you and i will never try to convince you or tell you how much the i do star is talented when it comes to dropping hot new hits.

Just after releasing the wedding song of the year featuring Jamaican singer Alaine on ”I Do” the song that took Africa by storm.

Willy Paul also released a swahili song titled Pili Pili, the song which he hasn’t yet shoot it’s video despite the call from his fan’s alarming him to release the video from the fans.

The award winning African artist Willy Paul the unstoppable has again dropped his new hot sizzling love song dubbed Jigi Jigi and as always he is on a fleek.

After the most trending song in Kenya, now Willy Paul is moving on with her lover as it’s mentioned in his new single Jigi Jigi as ”life after marriage”.

Willy Paul is still crossing boards with his music in Africa and beyond, the Singer and performer has earned and still earning his musical legacy with his talent. Grab your copy now…….



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قالب وردپرسافزونه وردپرسقالب فروشگاهی وردپرسقالب وردپرسقالب صحیفه