قالب وردپرسافزونه وردپرسقالب فروشگاهی وردپرسقالب وردپرسقالب صحیفه

The world famous and Mix-tape King well known as African undisputed Dj Kanji has dropped a bran new hot sizzling Mix-tape that features all the super-hit songs that were produced in the year 2017.

The new Mix-tape is called “Mix-Tape Of The Year 2017” that is set to gear up up for 2017 Christmas and also in welcoming the new year in style with a hit banger mix-tape will all the music genres.

Dj Kanji triumphant return back into the Mix-tape game with “Mix-Tape Of The Year 2017” While he was relatively quiet for some time and Mix-tape and his return to Mix-tape would be one of a clean slate.

“Mix-Tape Of The Year 2017” is a full collection of some great hit songs for calendar year 2017 as the Mix-tape King features world’s greatest and most listened music artists with their hit songs.

Don’t miss out on this brand new mix-tape as Dj Kanji ends the year with his final release by “Mix-Tape Of The Year 2017”. Download your copy and enjoy the best of 2017 in one Mix-tape mixed by favorite Dj Kanji.



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قالب وردپرسافزونه وردپرسقالب فروشگاهی وردپرسقالب وردپرسقالب صحیفه